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School's sucking right now, just is. I'm working on some math stuff, quadratic equations. :P Taking a break right now, then I'm going to go to the recitation before mine so I get double the review. I need it sometimes cause if I do go to math, I don't pay good attention. ;) Plus she does problems out of the homework... and well, I'm going to cheat. :P Quiz in that class today too.

Anyway, just been awhile since I updated. Am feeling pretty good today, maybe it's the weather, it's really nice outside today, but I'm feeling a lot better today than I have for over a week. Okay, later guys.

LOL, room mate is talking about cancer, and how drinking things like coke increase your chances lots. I think that's funny. For starters, everyone is going to die at some point, and what's the point of living if you can't do anything fun because you're worried about dying?
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