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The life of a border follie. ;)

10th June, 2004. 1:49 pm.

Um, I posted an entry here that I meant to go in a community. It's been deleted, so please disregard.

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7th April, 2004. 11:55 pm. Holy Bull Shit!

Sexual Orientation discrimination no longer illegal.

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24th March, 2004. 7:28 pm.

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23rd March, 2004. 1:55 pm. Stuffs

School's sucking right now, just is. I'm working on some math stuff, quadratic equations. :P Taking a break right now, then I'm going to go to the recitation before mine so I get double the review. I need it sometimes cause if I do go to math, I don't pay good attention. ;) Plus she does problems out of the homework... and well, I'm going to cheat. :P Quiz in that class today too.

Anyway, just been awhile since I updated. Am feeling pretty good today, maybe it's the weather, it's really nice outside today, but I'm feeling a lot better today than I have for over a week. Okay, later guys.

LOL, room mate is talking about cancer, and how drinking things like coke increase your chances lots. I think that's funny. For starters, everyone is going to die at some point, and what's the point of living if you can't do anything fun because you're worried about dying?

Current mood: calm.

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19th March, 2004. 12:42 am. Wow, isn't this hypocrisy....

AFA, an incredibly conservative group, claims that democrats are the ones that are overly concerned with money. I just found it kinda ironic, read it here if you're curious.

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15th March, 2004. 7:34 pm. ?

I'm feeling incredibly off right now. Incredibly depressed and incredibly apathetic. I don't know why, but right now it's just like... I just don't give a fuck about anything and it makes me feel bad.

Current mood: apathetic.

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11th March, 2004. 11:16 pm. Spring break. :P

So yeah... Spring break has kinda sucked for me. Having someone here is nice in a lot of ways but I'm just not in the mood to be real friendly right now, I know it's not a good excuse, but I'm just disgruntled right now. smatty said my story might make a good novel. heh, it's an interesting idea, and I'm sure I could write a pretty decent story without any dramatization at all. I'm actually going to consider it, might be a good way to make some money as well as kinda promote the whole gay awareness thing. I don't know, what do you guys think?

Current mood: bored.

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11th March, 2004. 5:31 pm. Father letter... again

Well... Yet another letter has been sent to me. I'm not sure if I should post the whole text. Basically it was my father spouting and elaborating on just what it means to be disowned. Perhaps I was wrong to post the text, but there were only two reasons I did that rather then paraphrasing, one I thought that the only people could really understand how I felt was to see just how hurtful the text was, and how it was designed to hurt me. The other reason was really just out of lazyness. Copy and paste. Anyway, I sent him a brief reply. Basically I said that I thought he was being hypocritical, and then I said that fine, if you want it you got it. I said that I will not talk with him again in any form until he gives me an apology... which may be never. That hurts, but I just can't deal with the constant ridicule from him.

Current mood: Frustrated.

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10th March, 2004. 7:24 pm. Well, hello

Ok, first entry here. Just really to kick things off. I'll give a nice full entry probably on Friday if I have time, if not then Saturday. Thanks to everyone helping me out, I really appreiciate it.

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