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Father letter... again

Well... Yet another letter has been sent to me. I'm not sure if I should post the whole text. Basically it was my father spouting and elaborating on just what it means to be disowned. Perhaps I was wrong to post the text, but there were only two reasons I did that rather then paraphrasing, one I thought that the only people could really understand how I felt was to see just how hurtful the text was, and how it was designed to hurt me. The other reason was really just out of lazyness. Copy and paste. Anyway, I sent him a brief reply. Basically I said that I thought he was being hypocritical, and then I said that fine, if you want it you got it. I said that I will not talk with him again in any form until he gives me an apology... which may be never. That hurts, but I just can't deal with the constant ridicule from him.
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